MyAirbags Q&A: I received my cluster back and it still has issues, what's the problem?

Troubleshooting for Instrument Cluster/Speedometer

I received my instrument cluster back after repair and one of the following is happening:

1. My Gas (Gas/Oil/Temperature) gauge is (pegged/jumping) and never did that before I sent it in(Usually pertains to All GM repairs 03-06)

  • Faulty sensors may be at fault.
  • If you only have an oil pressure issue (flickering or going haywire or completely off), most likely it is the oil pressure switch/sensor at fault. It’s a commonly known defect along with clusters in the year range.
  • If you have incorrect fuel reading, be sure to check the fuel sender/sensor unit before sending it back in.

2. My speedometer gauge is flickering after I sent it in for repair

  • All gauges are replaced with aftermarket high quality ones if you are still having problems with speedometer "speedo" or indirectly the tach gauge, it’s most likely the speedo sensor that has to be replaced.

3. My Cluster is completely dead and not responsive

  • It’s most likely a wiring issue. Sometimes pulling on the wires instead of the tabs may sever connection to the cluster check to see if they are not pushed back. Also electrical spray cleaner is recommended for clusters with power issues because corrosion settles on the metal pins. It is wise to spray both the pins and the plug itself and check for any bent pins. Lastly, make sure none of the fuses related to the dash and cluster are blown out.

4. After I got it back from you guys and after driving it for a while my cluster won’t power up at all (Usually pertains to All GM repairs 03-06)

  • Check if the illumination background lights and check engine are on when hooked up, Also if cluster is non-responsive but blocks appear all the way across the bottom digital display screen it’s an internal problem that has to be addressed at our facility

5. On my (Trailblazer, Envoy, Rendezvous, Ascender) cluster. All the diagnostic lights are on or are going haywire. None of the gauges on the right hand side are working.

  • This is most likely a fault harness plug, bad connection or fuse issue. Make sure the pins are not pushed back on the plug; the pins on the cluster aren’t bent. Clean both sides with electrical cleaner. Make sure there is no bad grounding.

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