MyAirbags Q&A: I received my ECU and it still has Error Codes: why? Answer: Reset Battery

My ECU still has trouble codes, idle issues, and is not communicating or starting:

  • Trouble Codes, also known as Soft Codes can be stored in the vehicles PCI Bus if the Battery and removal of the ECU was done incorrectly.
  • If the vehicle’s battery was not disconnected prior to removal of the unit, it may inadvertently blow a fuse along the wiring behind the dash, a relay near the fuse box, or a fuse in the one of the multiple fuse boxes in the vehicle.  This will cause the PCI Bus to store the Soft Codes.
    1. Check for blown fuse
    2. Replace fuse if blown
  • The fastest and easiest ways to clear Soft Codes in the vehicle is to do a simply battery reset:
  1. Disconnect the battery cables
  2. Clamp the battery cables together with the terminals touching (off the battery!)
  3. Leave the cables clamped in this position for 15-20 minutes and then re-install

*This should clear any soft codes and communication issues with the vehicle’s PCI bus.*

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