MyAirbags Q&A: I am still having issues with the Ford FICM F250/350 after you repaired it. What do I do?

Ford 6.0 Diesel FICM Repair Fuel Injection Control Module (SKU:1056)

If your vehicle is still having technical difficulties check these steps:

o Check the fuses and clean connectors, ensure its properly seated
o If the alternator or batter is bad it will drain the FICM and may possibly make it bad again, to ensure this doesn’t happen make sure you’re charging system is getting at least 12.5 volts before it even gets the FICM. Low batteries may cause this and you can take your alternator and get it tested locally
o The FICM should be getting 48v as this is the proper voltage required if it drops lower than that then again check the former steps to make sure that there’s nothing in the truck causing voltage fluctuations.

****These are some of the basic procedures that will you determine whether there is something at fault in the vehicle or if the problem lie in the ECU. ****

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