MyAirbags Q&A: Can I clear the airbag codes myself with my handheld scanner?

MyAirbags clears all soft codes and hard codes that are stored after vehicle was in an accident. 

Your handheld scanner can't do it all.

There are two types of codes:

  1. Soft Codes
  2. Hard Codes

Soft Codes

Yes, most scanners can clear soft codes after the problem is solved. These are codes that indicate a fault with a SRS system part/component such as 

  • driver airbag codes
  • seat belt codes
  • impact sensor codes

Hard Codes

No, scanners cannot clear these codes. These codes are stored after vehicle accident and is also known as crash data. Also, these codes are hardware issue codes. Problems with the airbag control module circuit board components

Hard Codes require professional reset services that MyAirbags' IPC-Certified technicians reset daily.  Our technicians have already reset millions of modules for our satisfied customers!

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