MyAirbags Q&A: My cluster is completely dead and not responsive, what's next?

We do rebuild clusters. See a list of clusters that we rebuild.

  1. Go to instrument cluster section
  2. Select Make, Model, Year of your vehicle
  3. You will see all parts that we service for your vehicle 

 If you received your instrument cluster back after repair and still have issues

Question: My ICP - Instrument cluster is completely dead and not responsive or some functions of the cluster are not working.  Will your service be beneficial?

Answer: If the vehicle’s battery was not disconnected prior to removal of the cluster, it may blow inadvertently blow a fuse along the wiring behind the dash, a relay near the fuse box, or a fuse in the one of the multiple fuse boxes in the 

Often times there are communication issues that may prevail if the cluster is installed back in the vehicles. One of the fastest and easiest ways to clear any soft codes in the vehicle is to do a simply battery reset:
                - Disconnect the battery cables 
                - Clamp the cables together with the terminals touching (off the battery!)
                - Leave the cables maintained in this position for 15-20 and then re-install 
    *This should clear any soft codes and communication issues with the vehicle’s PCI bus.*

You are most likely experiencing a wiring issue. Sometimes pulling on the wires instead of the tabs may sever connection to the cluster check to see if they are not pushed back. Also electrical spray cleaner is recommended for clusters with power issues because corrosion settles on the metal pins. It is wise to spray both the pins and the plug itself and check for any bent pins. Lastly, make sure none of the fuses related to the dash and cluster are blown out.

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