MyAirbags Q&A: Why do I have to replace all the coils when you rebuild the Ford Escape ECU?

Ford F150 (2004 – 2008) PCM ECM Repair (SKU:6484)

Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury (2004 – 2009) ECU Repair (SKU:1104)

You must replace all 6 of the ignition coils prior to installing the PCM or immediate damage to the unit will occur and is NOT covered under warranty. Faulty coils or spark plugs will drive bad data into the refurbished PCM.

A ‘resistance test’ is recommended to check the coils. This type of test is only a partial test of the ignition coils and DOES NOT guarantee the coils being good in this situation.

If new ignition coils were installed and run on the vehicle for more than 30 seconds with the failed computer, the new coils were likely damaged. In order to not risk immediate damage to this PCM, we recommend replacing all six ignition coils again.

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