MyAirbags Q&A: Melted airbag connector plugs?

Why are they melted?




We have a solution

When your driver steering wheel airbag deployed it is very hot and will usually melt the clockspring plug connectors that is behind the airbag. Dealership don’t sell just the plug end connectors and will sell you the entire clockspring costing you hundreds of dollars.

MyAirbags has your solution, we have new connectors that are easy to install.
Just cut your old melted plugs and connect or solder our new plugs. It is that easy. There are different types of plugs. Be sure to look up your vehicle to see what plugs will work for you.

It's that easy!

Replace old melted, damaged clockspring connectors with new plugs. Just cut your old melted plugs and connect or solder our new plugs. 

Airbag-plugs-Type1.png      Airbag-Clockspring-Plugs-Type3-Front.jpg


Steps to take before purchasing a replacement airbag. To replace driver airbag:

  1. Remove the deployed old airbag and see if the plastic plug connectors are melted to the airbag and if any wires are melted as well. 
  2. If the wires/plugs are melted:
    • You can purchase just the plug connectors and save!
    • There are different types of connectors, need to choose by Make, Model Year
    • See our Airbag Clockspring Plugs
  3. Check the horn and steering wheel control buttons to make sure all works
    • If they don't work then your clockspring is damaged and may need to be replaced

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