Oil Pressure Gauge Is Not Working

If your vehicle is a GM based vehicle from 2003-2006; was repaired by us and still having oil pressure gauge issues do not be alarmed. 


  • The second biggest issue that vehicles from this year have other than the instrument cluster is the oil sensor/switch going bad. We replace ALL gauges regardless if it's working so rest assured your in good. Hands. 
  • If your oil pressure gauge is stuck, erratic, pegged to the other side even after our repair, then it is most likely a bad oil pressure gauge at fault. 
  • Aftermarket oil pressures can be had from auto stores such as, 'Napa, Autozone, Advance Auto, CarQuest, O'Reilly Auto Parts, etc.' The dealer also sells the OEM ones. 


Once the oil pressure switch has been replaced after our repairs the oil gauge should be displaying the correct engine oil pressure. This can also be verified via a mechanic's scan tool who can see the values of the gauge on their scanner. 


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