MyAirbags Q&A: My Fuel Gauge Is Still Not Working. What do I do now?

If your vehicle is a GM based vehicle from 2003-2006; was repaired by us and still having fuel gauge issues do not be alarmed. 


  • If your fuel pressure gauge is stuck, erratic, pegged to the other side even after our repair, then it could be a faulty sending unit, or fuel sensor
  • If your vehicle has been sitting for over a few month regardless if it's gas or diesel, the flotation device can build up residue and not allow the mechanical piece to work properly. 
  • Please check these problematic areas or find a local mechanic that can check to see if that is the issue. 


Once the fuel sensor or unit at fault has been replaced after our repairs the fuel gauge should be displaying the correct amount of fuel. This can also be verified via a mechanic's scan tool who can see the values of the gauge on their scanner. 


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