Flood water damaged airbag module

If vehicle has water or flood damage:

You will need to get the srs airbag control module replaced.

To make sure the airbag system works correctly and the airbag light turns off.

  1. Locate the airbag module in your vehicle by using MyAirbags Module Locator
  2. Find the part in your car and write down the part number of the unit or snap a picture of it with your phone.
  3. Search MyAirbags inventory to see if it is in stock
  • Locate replacement by using a part number that is on your original unit.
  • New or used module may need to be additionally programmed to the vehicle VIN.
    • Not all vehicles require to have VIN programmed.
    • If it does require to have VIN programmed, then it needs to be done in the vehicle


Here is what the Part Number may look like


Search for airbag module part number on MyAirbags search bar



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