Sometimes it can be pretty easy to mistake a Seat sensor or Rollover Sensor for the Airbag Control Module.

Once in a while, a customer will send us one of these sensors thinking that its the Airbag Control Module.

The Seat Sensor is not the same as the airbag control module. Its usually found right under the front, passenger side seat in most cars. On some lesser cases, it can be found mounted to the left side of the seat (front passenger), under the upholstery. These do not need to be sent in for reset. 

The seat sensor often have many different names depending on the Make of vehicle. Honda and Acura often refer to it as an OPDS or ODS (Occupant Passenger Detection Sensor). GM often refers to it as an Passenger Discriminating Sensor or Passenger Seat Occupancy Sensor.

These Seat Sensors are there to determine whether or not the front passenger side airbag should deploy. There are times when the front passenger airbag shouldn't deploy. This may be because there is a small child sitting there or no one at all.

The Airbag Module will always be mounted to the frame of the vehicle. Never on a seat.

In most vehicles the module will be under the center console, resting on the floor. In some cases, there may even be some partial carpeting covering the module. It will always be on the floor. 

If you need to find your airbag module location go to

If you need some example pictures on how most airbag modules LOOK like, go to:


If you already shipped us your seat sensor by mistake, don't worry, we've seen this before and you can still remove the airbag module and send it in for reset. Once we receive the airbag module here, we will reset it and ship it right back to you.


Heres some examples of what these Seat Sensors look like. If you see any like these, don't ship them in for reset:





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